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the demand of the u.s. security council 1970, that it stop the violence against the libyan people. his forces have attacked peaceful protesters and are now preparing for a violent assault on a city a million people that have a history dating back to 0.5000 years. then become -- have begun airstrikes on what we expect to be air, land, and sea forces. every home will be searched and there will be no mercy and no petition on. if we want any sense of what that might mean, we only have to see in what happened to so we zawia. human rights watchers have catalogued the appalling human rights atrocities that are being committed. mr. speaker, that is the demonstrable need. we said there must be clear which of the people of libya and the wider region for international action. it was the people of libya through the national council who were the first to call for protection through a no-fly zone. i would say this. it really has been remarkable how arab leaders have come forward and condemned the actions of the dot the's government. in recent days, i have spoken with leaders of saudi arabia, qatar, the uni
and reinforced his view that a no- fly zone is right and that they support u.s. security council resolution 1973. in terms of concrete assets, i can confirm that yesterday, the qataris and deploy the first of their contribution, mirage aircraft and other support aircraft, and we will get logistic contributions from countries such as kuwait and jordan. because i had to act so quickly on saturday, it was not possible to bring forth as much air support as perhaps would have been welcomed by, i think everybody in this house. there's clear support from the secretary-general of those arab nations. i also had a meeting with the saudi foreign minister yesterday. i believe the support in the arab world for saving lives in libya is very strong. >> let me emphasize something that the prime minister said on monday, which is the importance of the contribution of arab countries to military operations. he also said there would be regular and more formal process with the arab league and others. it is very important that that process take place. let me ask him one other thing about our action. can the prime mini
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2